Getting started

Laying the foundation for successful implementation

Implementing mathematics pathways is a transformative process that requires work across the institution. In short, it is a faculty-driven, administrator-supported, and policy-enabled approach. The first stage of implementation, Getting Started, focuses on how leaders can identify the needs of their institutions, commit to action, and prepare to engage stakeholders.

Institutional stakeholder involvement ranges across the various essential actions and steps in Stage 1. Look for stakeholder-relevant icons that identify high-level engagement.

Institutional Stakeholder Groups Involved in Stage 1 Essential Actions and Steps
  • High-level administrators (e.g., presidents, provosts, vice presidents)
  • Departmental leadership (e.g., deans, department heads)
  • Faculty (e.g., mathematics faculty, developmental education faculty, partner discipline faculty)
  • Student supports (e.g., advisors, tutoring, first-year experience)
  • Institutional researchers

Resources to support Stage 1, its essential action, and steps are provided throughout the guide.