Understanding the current context and mapping all that needs to be done

Planning for mathematics pathways is a multifaceted endeavor. The leadership team must collect and review existing data, identify the problems that mathematics pathways will solve, define goals, and create a plan to meet the goals.

Institutional stakeholder involvement ranges across the various steps in Stage 2. Look for stakeholder-relevant icons that identify high-level engagement.

Institutional Stakeholder Groups Involved in Stage 2 Essential Actions and Steps
  • High-level administrators (e.g., presidents, provosts, vice presidents)
  • Departmental leadership (e.g., deans, department heads)
  • Faculty (e.g., mathematics faculty, developmental education faculty, partner discipline faculty)
  • Student supports (e.g., advisors, tutoring, first-year experience)
  • Institutional researchers

Resources to support Stage 2, its essential action, and steps are provided throughout the guide.