Thank you for your interest in the Dana Center Math Pathways curricular resources for higher education mathematics.

All of our course materials are available to faculty and curricular leaders at K-12 and postsecondary institutions for free download. Request access to explore and download materials from the following courses.

  • Foundations of Mathematical Reasoning
  • Introductory Statistics: Analyzing Data with Purpose
  • Quantitative Reasoning
  • Reasoning with Functions 1
  • Reasoning with Functions 2

The DCMP courses are founded on the notion that all mathematics courses can and should be rigorous, relevant, and intellectually engaging. We further believe that all students can learn relevant mathematics when given the appropriate support.

Our materials are developed from the following DCMP Curriculum Design Standards:

  1. Student-Centered Culture of Learning

  2. Supporting Students in Developing as Learners

  3. Importance of Communication

  4. Appropriate Use of Technology

  5. Context and Interdisciplinary Connections

  6. Authentic Assessment

Read more about each standard hereview full resourceDownloadFile.

The Dana Center has partnered with Lumen Learning to provide faculty and students with an optional online homework platform for these courses. To learn more about using the Dana Center’s courses on Lumen Learning's Online Homework Manager (OHM), fill out this form.