New Mexico

New Mexico

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  • New Mexico Higher Education Department (NMHED)

In 2015, the Charles A. Dana Center worked with leaders at San Juan College and the New Mexico Higher Education Department (NMHED) to build awareness of mathematics pathways and mobilize faculty to initiate a statewide effort.

A small faculty leadership group organized a New Mexico Mathematics Summit, which drew around 90 faculty members representing 24 two- and four-year institutions across the state. The summit included presentations that informed the audience about efforts from other states, including Ohio and Missouri, as well as reports from New Mexico colleges that had already implemented pathways.

Following the October 2015 event, the NMHED Secretary convened a Math Pathways Task Force led by Alicia Taber O’Brien, math department chair of San Juan College. The task force is preparing its report as of summer 2016.

New Mexico is also furthering the math pathways work through the Complete College America Scaling Corequisite initiative.


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