Texas was the first state to collaborate with the Dana Center on the ambitious goal of implementing mathematics pathways as a statewide effort. This bold initiative helped build national awareness of the importance of mathematics pathways to a student success agenda.

Leading the Way

tacc_logo_1.pngIn 2012, the Charles A Dana Center launched the New Mathways Project (NMP) in Texas through a joint enterprise with the Texas Association of Community Colleges (TACC). The presidents and chancellors of all 50 community college systems agreed to support NMP, which called for reform of developmental and gateway mathematics programs based on the NMP principles. In 2016, the New Mathways Project was rechristened the Dana Center Mathematic Pathways (DCMP) to reflect the changing landscape in which mathematics pathways are no longer a "new" or experimental concept.

Co-requisite Implementation Support:

With the passage of Texas HB 2223 in Summer 2017, the Dana Center launched an extensive series of technical assistance efforts. HB 2223 mandates that all public higher education institutions in the state use co-requisite models to deliver developmental education. The challenges in designing and implementing new models for course delivery, combined with the aggressive implementation timeline required by the new law, mean that many institutions may struggle to reach compliance. The Dana Center aims to help institutions mitigate this struggle by offering successful tools and strategies to reach each implementation milestone.

Learn more about the Dana Center’s HB 2223 technical assistance efforts. 

Transfer and Applicability Workshops: Spring 2018

A key component in building effective mathematics pathways is ensuring that students can smoothly transfer and apply course credits from two-year colleges to four-year institutions. For this to occur, two-way communication and collaboration between institutions is critical.

The Dana Center Mathematics Pathways team, with the Texas Success Center, will help continue the conversation with a series of six regional workshops next spring. Stakeholders from Texas institutions will convene to review transfer plans, identify common understandings, and build pathways for students.

Workshop dates and locations will be released soon! Please check this page regularly or contact your DCMP Regional Coordinator for updates.

Read about the innovative approach Northwest Vista College used to engage students and provide a better understanding of their options in mathematics pathways in this Notes from the Fieldview full resourceDownloadFile issue.

Institutional Action in Texas

The commitment between the Dana Center and TACC for higher education institutions in Texas opened the door for systemic change across multiple levels of the system (e.g., state, institution, classroom).

In 2013, 9 community colleges began working closely with the Dana Center as active collaborators to inform and advise on the development of the DCMP. As of May 2016, the DCMP has grown to include all 50 Texas community colleges and many Texas universities. Resources and tools have been developed by the Dana Center that can be used to help institutions make informed decisions about DCMP implementation based on their local needs.

Explore the institutional implementation process, its steps, and recommended resources at Take Action - Institutional Level.

Watch Implementing the DCMP at Temple College: A Case Study of Intra-Institutional Scale in Action to hear different perspectives of math pathways implementation across multiple levels an institution.


The expansion of math pathways in Texas has highlighted several important opportunities that have continued to broadened Dana Center resources and tools. One such opportunity is supporting Texas institutions to scale their math pathways to become normative practice. As such, institutional scaling tools were designed to support all institutions as they addressed challenges in scaling math pathways.

NMP Scaling 2015-52.jpg

In Fall 2015, several Texas colleges were awarded scaling grants. Grant recipients receive additional support from the Dana Center as they work towards the goal of enrolling 90% of first-time in college (FTIC) students into the math pathway best aligned to their program of study.

Scaling Grant Colleges:

  • Dallas County Community College System - Brookhaven
  • Lone Star College - Kingwood
  • Midland College
  • Ranger College
  • Victoria College

Transfer Champions

Due to Texas’ vast size and number of public 2-year and 4-year institutions, bringing math pathways to full-scale implementation depended on coordinated action at many levels of the system. Specifically, coordinated action was necessary to support transfer students, across sectors of education (e.g., universities, colleges).

In spring 2014, the Dana Center hosted its first regional convening that fostered collaboration of 2-year colleges and 4-year universities to improve alignment of math pathways between transfer institutions. This convening – called Transfer Champions Initiative – identified the important role that four-year institutions play to inform community college advising and course requirements for programs of study. The Transfer Champions Initiative supports Texas universities to work regionally with community colleges to modernize mathematics course requirements by:

  • Aligning with the recommendations of professional associations,
  • Engaging in two-way communication between transfer institutions, and
  • Certifying that college-level courses are transferable for college credit and predictably apply to specified majors.

Since the first meeting, 20 Texas universities have produced more than 20 memoranda of understanding (MOUs) between transfer partners that articulate the math course requirements for programs of study.

Below is a list of these Transfer Champions in Texas:

The University of Texas at San Antonio

Texas A&M University - San Antonio

University of Houston

University of Houston - Clear Lake

Texas A&M - Corpus Christi

The University of Texas at El Paso

Angelo State University

The University of Texas at Tyler

Stephen F. Austin University

Sam Houston State University

Texas Tech University

The University of Texas of the Permian Basin

The University of Texas at Arlington

Texas A&M University - Central Texas

University of North Texas

Texas A&M University - Commerce



Explore transfer, articulation, and applicability resources at both Take Action - Institutional Level and Learn About - Policy.This work continues, as the Dana Center has convened regional meetings in the east, central, and north Texas regions, with plans to cover the Gulf Coast, Rio Grande Valley, and west Texas regions in 2017.


K-12 Action in Texas

Texas recognizes that too many students are not making a smooth transition from high school to postsecondary mathematics. In an effort to assist Texas school districts in this transition, the Dana Center is engaged in the College Prep Mathematics Course Project (CPMC).

The project will support Texas districts in teaching a College Prep Mathematics course aligned to student learning objectives noted in the  TACC Texas Success Center’s Framework for the courseview full resourceDownloadFile. The Dana Center will facilitate collaboration among school districts and institutions of higher education in Texas and provide necessary supports to implement the course and monitor its impact. Our goal is to create an effective, replicable model of regional implementation that dramatically increases the number of students who are ready for all entry-level college mathematics courses upon graduation from high school.

In addition to existing K-12 work in Texas, districts in California and Kansas are also planning to pilot Dana Center materials for mathematics transition courses in their states.


DCMP Actions Lead to Success in Texas

Statewide math pathways implementation efforts have yielded early findings of its impact on student success and completion of gateway mathematics coursework. The report,  Laying the Foundations: Early Findings from the Dana Center Mathematics Pathways Model (DCMP)view full resourceDownloadFile, stated that three times as many DCMP students completed a gateway mathematics course in one year as compared to traditional mathematics sequences. Further, five times as many DCMP students completed a gateway mathematics course in one year for those enrolled in back-to-back mathematics.

Student_Teacher image.png

The  Third-Year Reportview full resourceDownloadFile of DCMP implementation and expansion in Texas describes impressive activity across the state for multiple math pathways, its increase at member institutions and number of students reached, and plans for 2015-16. The plans describe continued outreach efforts to support institutions implementing and scaling the DCMP.

Dr. Richard Rhodes
“Community colleges in Texas are committed to providing rigorous and relevant mathematics for our students success. To meet this challenge requires innovative solutions through collaborative strategic partnerships with our school districts, universities, legislature, and philanthropic partners. With the guidance and support of the Dana Center Mathematics Pathways, these ambitious dreams will be achieved.”
President/CEO at Austin Community College District

Our Work at the State Level

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