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  • Michigan Center for Student Success, an initiative of the Michigan Community College Association
  • Jenny Schanker, Director of Research and Institutional Practice, Michigan Center for Student Success, Michigan Community College Association
  • Pavel Sikorskii, Mathematics Co-Director of Undergraduate Studies, Department of Mathematics, Michigan State University
  • Jeff Morford, Mathematics Faculty, Henry Ford College
  • Erica Orians, Executive Director, Michigan Center for Student Success, Michigan Community College Association
  • Richard Kazis, consultant for multiple education and workforce initiatives (e.g., Charles A. Dana Center, MDRC, Brookings Institution)


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Jenny Schanker
Right Math at the Right Time Task Force Members
Name Title Institution
Barbie Hoag Mathematics Faculty Oakland Community College
Bob Murphy Director of University Relations and Policy Michigan Association of State Universities
Dan Hurley CEO Michigan Association of State Universities


Name Title Institution
David Redman Chair, Math Division Delta College
Donna Petras Dean, University Relations Macomb Community College
Doug Mace Mathematics Faculty Kirtland College
Eddie Cheng Mathematics Professor Oakland University
Gregg Dionne Curriculum and Instruction Supervisor Michigan Department of Education
Jack Rotman Mathematics Faculty Lansing Community College
Katie Giardello Director of Veteran Affairs and Transfer Initiatives Michigan Community College Association
Ken Hinzman Mathematics Faculty Bay College
Kirk Weller Department Chair Ferris State University
Michael Lachance Mathematics Department Chair University of Michigan–Dearborn
Peter Brown Mathematics Faculty Lake Michigan College
Stephen DeBacker Mathematics Professor University of Michigan–Ann Arbor
Steven Ziebarth Chair, Mathematics Department Western Michigan University
Todd Butler Dean of Arts and Sciences Jackson College
Formal Charge

Formal Charge

The Right Math at the Right Time (RM @ RT) Task Force was created to strengthen the implementation of mathematics pathways at two-year and four-year postsecondary institutions in Michigan as a strategy to help promote student success and credential completion. During the remainder of 2016, the task force—representing two- and four-year public institutions across the state as well as their associations—will:

  • Recommend appropriate mathematics pathways tailored to the educational goals of Michigan students.
  • Establish a process to align math learning outcomes across institutions and sectors in order to improve transfer for students within Michigan.
  • Promote the implementation across Michigan colleges and universities of research-based approaches to support the success of underprepared students.

    In October 2016, the RM @ RT Task Force published its report -- The Right Math at the Right Time: Addressing Mathematics Challenges Facing Michigan Colleges and Universitiesview full resourceDownloadFile -- which identified three strategies, alongside discussion points and recommendations, to improve math course success and postsecondary transfer and completion rates for Michigan students. These three strategies include:

    • Strategy 1: Establish a process to align learning outcomes for a set of introductory college level mathematics pathway courses across institutions and sectors.
    • Strategy 2: Support program faculty and administrators within community colleges and universities in adopting appropriate mathematics pathway courses aligned with students’ educational goals and programs of study.
    • Strategy 3: Promote the widespread implementation of evidence-based approaches to increase the number of underprepared students who succeed in mathematics pathway courses.
    Jenny Schanker
    Pathways to Success
    "In a decentralized environment, like we have here in Michigan, it is essential to create a 'coalition of the willing' to bring about statewide reform. Through our participation in the Mathematics Pathways to Completion project, public two- and four-year colleges are now coming together to significantly overhaul developmental and college-level mathematics education. The processes developed through this initiative will strengthen implementation of math pathways across the state, enhance course transferability, and support increased success for students who need developmental mathematics."
    Director of Research and Institutional Practice,
    Michigan Community College Association

    Our Work at the State Level

    Select a state to learn more about how local leaders are setting a vision for math pathways or read an analysis of math pathways work across multiple states.