Systemically Aligned: Guided Pathways and Mathematics Pathways Working Together for Student Success

Institutional Leadership
Math Department

In recent years, two reform movements—guided pathways and mathematics pathways—have attempted to ease the burden placed on students across the higher education pipeline. Both pathways movements seek to simplify and clarify the educational pipeline for college students by aligning program-level requirements and learning outcomes with students’ academic and career interests.

Yet up until now, each reform had acted in isolation. Until these two movements are fully integrated, students will continue to suffer unacceptable levels of credential attainment, dashing dreams of upward social and economic mobility.

This brief is intended for policymakers, practitioners, and other education stakeholders who are interested in education reform and want to improve the postsecondary experience for students by predictably aligning students’ academic needs with their career goals. Fully integrating the guided pathways and mathematics pathways movements has the potential to remove barriers to student success and create lasting structural change.