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  • Montana University System, Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education (OCHE)

In May 2014, a Math Pathways meeting convened over 50 math faculty, campus administrators, policy stakeholders from the Montana University System (MUS). As a result of that meeting, Montana joined five other states in the Building Math Pathways to Programs of Study (BMPPS) initiative with Complete College America and the Dana Center.

Montana focused its efforts on college completion issues related to mathematics, including: alignment of mathematical content with programs of study; placement and advising; and availability of appropriate math pathways for both secondary and postsecondary institutions.

  • John Cech, Deputy Commissioner for Academic and Student Affairs, Montana University System, OCHE
  • John Lund, Math Professor, Montana State University–Bozeman
  • Rich Rehberger, Mathematics Department Chair, Gallatin College MSU
Name Title Institution
Mike Hardy Math Professor Miles City Community College
Bob Hoar Provost Montana State University Billings
Neil Moisey Ex-Officio Liaison, Former Deputy Commissioner Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education
Bob Mokwa Mathematics Department Chair Montana State University–Bozeman
Chairsty Stewart Department Chair, Developmental Education City College Montana State University Billings
Dave Patterson Mathematics Professor University of Montana–Missoula
Rich Pierce General Education Department Chair City College Montana State University Billings
Charles Pollington Assistant Professor of Mathematics Montana State University–Northern
Joyce Walborn Mathematics Faculty Helena College University of Montana
Matt Roscoe Assistant Professor of Mathematics University of Montana–Missoula
Sharon O'Hare Associate Vice President for Enrollment and Student Services; Liaison to Montana Developmental Education Council University of Montana–Missoula


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John Cech
Deputy Commissioner for Academic and Student Affairs, Montana University System, OCHE
Formal Charge

Formal Charge

The Montana Math Pathways Task Force was charged by the Montana University System (MUS) to develop systemwide guidelines that addressed the following goals:

  • Increase success rates in college mathematics courses that lead to graduation.
  • Improve the articulation between mathematics requirements and other academic programs.
  • Use data to support the system recommendations (placement and student support).
  • Strengthen communication between secondary schools and colleges.

In September 2015, the task force issued the following recommendations in its  task force reportview full resourceDownloadFile:

  1. Provide a clear pathway for non-STEM students.
  2. Evaluate curricular requirements involving College Algebra.
  3. Strengthen advising processes for math.
  4. Stronger communication between secondary schools and college.
  5. Strengthen communication through Montana University System (MUS) system.

In May 2016, the Montana Board of Regents (BOR) and MUS representatives convened to re-examine the math pathways recommendations, identify math pathways accomplishments (e.g., M105Q – Contemporary Mathematics), explore corequisite remediation, and outline a timeline of activity for mathematics corequisite implementation at scale. Complete College America is assisting Montana in its current corequisite efforts.

Robert Mokwa
Pathways to Success
“There has been tremendous benefits from math pathways work, as much from the process itself as from the actual outcomes of the pathways which will be beneficial.”
Member of Montana Math Task Force committee
February 2016

Our Work at the State Level

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