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Stakeholders in the East Texas region work collectively to create seamless mathematics pathways aligned across institutions for all P–16 learners. Key leaders from regional community colleges and universities serve as a leadership team to work with the Dana Center Mathematics Pathways (DCMP) regional coordinator to address shared issues, and to problem–solve across systems with a goal of improving student completion.


Mary Hendrix
Mary Hendrix
"I am honored to work with such a dedicated and passionate team that was established by the former regional coordinator, Matt Lewis. The East Texas region is focused on student success and the partnerships and shared communication that will ultimately lead to improved degree completion for our students."


  • Angelina College
  • Kilgore College
  • Northeast Texas Community College
  • Panola College
  • Paris Junior College
  • Stephen F. Austin State University
  • Texarkana College
  • Texas A&M University–Commerce
  • Texas A&M University–Texarkana
  • Texas State Technical College–Marshall
  • The University of Texas at Tyler
  • Trinity Valley Community College
  • Tyler Junior College
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Regional Advisory Group
Angelina College Elizabeth Scott Instructor, Mathematics
Kilgore College Mike Turpin Vice President of Instruction
Northeast Texas Community College Paula Wilhite Division Chair, Math, Physics & Engineering
Panola College Teresa Brooks Dean, Distance, and Digital Learning
Paris Junior College Mallie Hood Instructor, Mathematics
Texarkana College Catherine Howard Dean of Science, Technology, Engineering & Math
Texas A&M University–Commerce Tingxiu Wang Department Head, Mathematics
The University of Texas at Tyler Sheldon Davis Chair, Department of Mathematics
Trinity Valley Community College Russell Self Chair, Division of College Readiness
Tyler Junior College Chris Chappa Department Chair, Mathematics
Tyler Junior College Tampa Nannen Assistance Vice President, Academic Affairs
University of North Texas Jean Keller Interim Vice President of Community Engagement
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Goals and Activities

In the 2017–2018 academic year, stakeholders in the East Texas region are focused on achieving the following goals:

  1. Meet the charge of Texas HB 2223 to build accelerated, co–requisite pathways from development education through college–level mathematics;
  2. Increase collaboration between East Texas faculty, advisors and leadership across high school, community college, and four–year universities; and
  3. Clarify advising materials and catalogs at community colleges and four–year universities to better communicate the most appropriate mathematics course(s) for each program.

These goals emerged from joint planning across institutions during Spring and Summer 2017.




Highlights from the Region

  • Introducing Mary Hendrix

  • Previous Activities

  • Texarkana Work

  • Examples of East Texas Math Pathways

In East Texas, 2016–2017 was a year of establishing relationships between community colleges and universities around a common aspiration for continued mathematics pathways reform. Acting as DCMP regional coordinator, Matt Lewis drew together a network of math pathways leaders to share knowledge, identify opportunities for improvement and set an agenda for increased regional collaboration.

For the 2017–2018 academic year, Dr. Mary Hendrix will apply her leadership and expertise to build upon and leverage this strong foundation as the new regional coordinator for East Texas. Expect to see great things in this region in the coming year.

In Spring 2017, Tyler Junior College hosted leaders from East Texas community colleges and universities at the East Texas Regional Convening. This day–long learning opportunity focused on regional collaboration for mathematics pathways. In addition to learning about mathematics pathways principles and trends in higher education, faculty, advisors, and administrators enjoyed lively discussions with their colleagues from other East Texas institutions to share insights and resources, identify opportunities for improvement, and establish goals for future regional collaboration. Many participants expressed their gratitude for this time to communicate and collaborate with their regional partners, and have begun planning for such opportunities in the future.

Selected Resources:

As a part of the Spring 2017 East Texas Regional Convening at Tyler Junior College, Dean of Students Robert Jones shared some of the current work on co–requisites at Texarkana College. He emphasized the importance of looking at institutional data and discovering key findings. For example, when Texarkana College looked at its data, there were varying success rates across three semesters, prompting leaders to ask why and ultimately identify a need to provide more support for advisors.

Consequently, advisors at Texarkana College are now key players in enrolling students in college–level mathematics courses that are accompanied by ongoing non-course based options (NCBO) that meet for three hours each week of the semester. Students enrolled in this program consistently complete their college–level mathematics courses at rates exceeding college–ready students, and reported as a 57% success rate in a college course (A, B, or C) in Fall 2016

Paris Junior College and Texas A&M University–Commerce have a strong understanding of the transfer and applicability of Math 1332/1442 (Elementary Statistical Methods) and 1332 (Contemporary Mathematics) through their memorandum of understanding (MOU). 

MOUs serve to ensure the seamless transfer of mathematics pathways to satisfy core requirements and/or major-specific coursework between two– and four–year institutions.

Selected Resource:

Dr. Jean Keller
"After participating in the Spring 2017 East Texas Dana Center Mathematics Pathways convening, I was impressed with the partnership between two– and four–year institutions related to alignment of mathematics courses by majors. Institutions were sharing and using aggregate student data to enhance student success. Faculty were exchanging ideas and information to create better pathways for students.”
Interim Vice President for Community Engagement, University of North Texas
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Regional Organizations

North Texas Community College Consortium (NTCCC)

NTCCC is a regional network of twenty community colleges and universities in the North and East Texas regions that enables member institutions to achieve more, improve quality, and reduce costs through collaboration. NTCCC aims to provide professional development opportunities; promote innovation; support the development of educational pathways; support institutional planning, research and effectiveness; support resource development; enhance international education initiatives; and promote regional collaboration.

The Northeast Texas Consortium of Colleges and Universities (NETnet)

NETnet is the collective effort of thirteen higher education institutions to bring a wide range of instruction to fifty rural Northeast Texas counties. The services available through this consortium enhance the lives of thousands of people each year through its mission to increase access to distributed educational programs (and rural health programs) through collaboration and state–of–the–art technology.

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Institutional Representatives
Angelina College Cynthia Casparis Vice President of Academic Affairs
Angelina College Michael Simon President
Kilgore College Brenda Kays President
Kilgore College Mike Turpin Vice President of Instruction
Northeast Texas Community College Ron Clinton President
Panola College Gregory Powell President
Panola College Teresa Brooks Dean, Distance, and Digital Learning
Paris Junior College Pamela Anglin President
Paris Junior College Pam Millsap Vice President, Student Learning
Stephen F. Austin State University Deborah Pace Associate Dean of the College of Sciences and Mathematics
Stephen F. Austin State University Kim Childs Dean, College of Sciences and Mathematics
Texarkana College Donna McDaniel Vice President of Instruction
Texarkana College James Henry Russell President
Texas A&M University–Texarkana Nancy Jordan Associate Provost
Texas State Technical College Elton Stuckley Executive Vice Chancellor & Chief Operations Officer
Texas State Technical College Garry Sigler Program Chair of Mathematics
The University of Texas at Tyler Amir Mirmiran Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
The University of Texas at Tyler Scott Marzilli Assistant Vice President for Academic Innovation & Student Success and Dean of the University College
Trinity Valley Community College Jerry King President
Trinity Valley Community College Wendy Elmore Vice President of Instruction
Tyler Junior College Juan Mejia Provost and Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs
Tyler Junior College Mike Metke President
University of North Texas Jean Keller Interim Vice President of Community Engagement





Our Work at the State Level

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