State Level - Continuous Improvement

Who should lead?

The lead agency takes the primary role in building and maintaining momentum over time. The agency facilitator should continue to engage faculty leaders and the full task force in strategic decisions, especially those related to outreach to mathematics faculty and the design of the pathways. The facilitator also identifies leaders from other stakeholder groups who can help advise on strategy, support implementation, and advocate for the work. It may be useful to establish a small leadership group for ongoing monitoring.

What does it take?

Inevitably, the attention of individuals will shift to new challenges--which makes it all the more important that the lead agency remains committed to supporting the math pathways until full scale is reached. As with the Implementing stage, communications and engagement and institutional implementation remain a primary focus. In addition, the lead agency will now implement the evaluation plan and use the results to adjust strategies as necessary.


2 Suggested Steps and Resources:

  • Step 1

    Lead agency and other leaders update and revise communications and engagement plan as needed with a focus on highlighting successful models and exemplars that will help others to implement.

  • Step 2

    Lead agency implements the evaluation plan, shares the results with leaders, and uses the results to revise and refine strategies.

NMP Math Task Force Toolkit

Exemplary math pathways implementations reflect a strong focus on continuous improvement. 

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