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Central Texas


Stakeholders in the Central Texas region work collectively to create seamless mathematics pathways aligned across institutions for all P–16 learners. Key leaders from regional community colleges and universities serve as a leadership team to work with the Dana Center Mathematics Pathways (DCMP) regional coordinator to address shared issues, and to problem–solve across systems with a goal of improving student completion.


Jo–Carol Fabianke
Jo–Carol Fabianke
“Institutions in the Central Texas region are working collaboratively to provide students with a seamless transition from community college to a four–year university. It’s a pleasure to engage with institutions in providing clear pathways for students that maximize their learning and minimize excess credits.”


  • Austin Community College District
  • Blinn College
  • Central Texas College
  • Panola College
  • Hill College
  • Navarro College
  • Temple College
  • Texas A&M University
  • Texas A&M University–Central Texas
  • Texas State Technical College–Waco
  • Texas State University
  • The University of Texas at Austin
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Regional Advisory Group
Austin Community College District Carolynn Reed Department Chair & Associate Professor
Blinn College Crystal Lee Vice President of Instruction
Central Texas College Debra Prescott Department Chair, Mathematics
Hill College Susan Gann Dean, Humanities, Social Sciences, Math, Science, Education & Services
McLennan Community College Chad Eggleston Deal of Arts, Sciences & Business
Navarro College Brandon Ford Associate Professor of Developmental Math
Temple College Susan Guzman–Trevino Division Director, Liberal Arts
Texas A&M University Tim Scott Assistant Provost for Undergraduate Studies
Texas A&M University–Central Texas Isaiah Vance Director of Academic Advising
Texas State Technical College–Waco Garry Sigler Department Chair, Mathematics
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Goals and Activities

Current Focus

In the 2017–2018 academic year, stakeholders in the Central Texas region are focused on achieving the following goals:

  1. Meet the charge of Texas HB 2223 to build accelerated, co-requisite pathways from developmental education through college–level mathematics;
  2. Increase collaboration among Central Texas faculty members, advisors, and leadership; and
  3. Expand discussions between the community colleges and four–year universities to better communicate the most appropriate mathematics course offerings.

These goals emerged from joint planning across institutions in Spring and Summer 2017.



Highlights from the Region

  • Discussions on the Implications of HB 2223

  • Regional Discussion of Co-Requisite Planning

  • Regional Transfer Convening

In Fall 2017, teams from Central Texas institutions met with leadership from the Dana Center to begin discussions on mathematics–related HB 2223 rules laid out by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. Each institutional team shared its own co–requisite approach in response to this legislation. Institutions already implementing co–requisite models shared their valuable experiences with the group. Institutional teams also worked together to begin planning for expansion of the co–requisite model. According to DCMP regional coordinator Jo–Carol Fabianke, this meeting provided rich and productive discussion and progress:

“College representatives discussed the implications of the co–requisite requirements and spent time discussing various options for implementation. Teams defined an initial planning framework for sharing information with their colleagues to align college–level course learning outcomes with relevant developmental work and schedule the co–requisite models.”

Selected Resources:

In January 2018, Central Texas institutions gathered at McLennan Community College to share progress on their co–requisite plans in subject areas of mathematics and writing. In a meeting hosted by Complete College America and the Dana Center, each community college brought a team together to meet in disciplinary groups and share plans for offering co-requisite courses in Fall 2018.  While each college may have previously determined its own co-requisite model, many institutions shared that advising information was still a challenge to be addressed. Detailed resources may be found on the Texas Association of Community Colleges website.

Selected Resources:

In Spring 2016, Austin Community College and the Dana Center hosted a regional transfer convening aimed at expanding communication and understanding across the institutions about the transfer of mathematics requirements. This initial meeting aimed to develop a shared understanding of institutional math course requirements and their alignment across institutions within the region, and to collectively work toward regional agreement in support of seamless transfer and applicability within pathways.

Selected Resources:

Fred Hills
“Student success is not based on one silver bullet; it calls for multiple options and paths to reach all our students where they are, to help them succeed in their educational endeavors, and to move them into their careers and professions.”
Vice President of Instruction, McLennan Community College
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Institutional Representatives
Austin Community College District Charles Cook Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs
Austin Community College District Richard Rhodes President
Blinn College Crystal Lee Vice President of Instruction
Blinn College Mary Hensley Chancellor
Central Texas College Jim Yeonopolus Chancellor
Central Texas College Robin Garrett Deputy Chancellor, Academic & Student Services
Hill College Pamela Boehm President
Hill College Rex Parcells Vice President, Instruction
McLennan Community College Fred Hills Vice President of Instruction
McLennan Community College Johnette McKown President
Navarro College Carol Hanes Vice President of Academic Affairs
Navarro College Richard Sanchez District President
Temple College Glenda Barron President
Temple College Mark Smith Vice President, Educational Services
Texas A&M University–Central Texas Marc Nigliazzo President
Texas A&M University–Central Texas Peg Gray–Vickrey Provost & Vice President for Academic & Student Affairs

Our Work at the State Level

Select a state to learn more about how local leaders are setting a vision for math pathways or read an analysis of math pathways work across multiple states.